July 27th, 2007

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Yes, that's Tony in my icon..rapping. hehe.

Anyhoo, this guy has shown interest in dating me LOL! i dunno. i guess i'll respond.

They could have made this one sooner, though..like when i lived at that apartment a few months ago. they just added this bus a few days ago. :/ now i need a new bus book. lol!

I've STILL not begun Deathly Hallows. lol!! i'm taking my sweet ass time. there is no rush. although i did have to unfriend deathlyh_icons for the time being..too many posts per day. eep!

I wanna know what you guys think of this song. two versions. which version is better?
OneRepublic - Apologize
OneRepublic - Apologize (Timbaland remix)

Personally, i like the remix better. my neice Bri is dancing to this song. (she's in dance class in high school) she doesn't like the remix. lol!
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