August 15th, 2007

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ROFL. it's funny 'cause it's true
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fucking Bermudez.

Joe ain't taking shit from no one. that's for sure.


In other news, I discovered this site, video site. I've found about 35 Alex Mack episodes on there, but no CatDog or Phil of the Future (only Happy Nird Day is on there) :( you can DOWNLOAD videos from there instead of watching from the site. so i'm in love. hehe. but when you search for videos, chose the free option in the box. ok? ok.


I hope Binx doesn't have cat AIDS. i was holding him a few minutes ago. now my eyes itch. i've not washed my hands yet. i treat all outdoor feral cats like they have diseases, 'cause you never know. one cat that looked like Zoe had a respiratory problem...i think she died :( she loved me, though. i love Binx, i just wish he'd get more used to me. i want him to get cleaned up so i can hold him more. he smells a little bit..and he's a tad dirty. and as much as i feed him, he's STILL emaciated.
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