August 19th, 2007

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sorry...another update. hehe. hot guy news

I was on JP's site and found out that he IS gonna be on ABC's "Cavemen" after all :D not sure what episode he'll be on, i'll have to ask him. but all i know is that the show starts on Oct. 2nd. i hope it doesn't get cancelled before his appearance on it.

and he's gonna be in a new Disney Channel movie called Minutemen. as the school principal. lol! how ironic. the movie involves a time machine. XD


Tolga Safer is at the Edinburgh Internation Film Festival today, 'cause Sugarhouse is screening there. I'll keep a lookout for pics and videos. :)


As for Tony news, none right now. I've not seen the Shoot 'Em Up trailer on tv AT ALL. i'm getting nervous. looks like another movie of his is gonna bomb :( no one is aware of it. fuck.
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