August 27th, 2007

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For the newbies reading my journal, I'm a Canada freak. i'm gonna move there someday. most people think i'm from there..but unfortunately i'm not :( just so you know.

So i'm at the bus stop, ready to go home from a great night of McDonald's and 99 Cent Only store, and this stupid drunk indian guy (Navajo) is sitting there..trying to talk to me. he's all saying shit like he's studying psychology and trying to hit on me or something. couldn't tell what he was talking about, since he was drunk. (btw, i've never met a sober native american. except for this one chick i worked with, she turned into a bitch 'cause we liked the same guy) anyway, he notices my Canada backpack (which is red and white, with a canadian flag on one side, and the word Canada on the's tight) and he says "Canada is stupid. are you from there? i hope not. don't make it known if you are. they are dumb and they're losers"............................................

EXCUSE ME?! YOU are the loser, sir. oh no he di'int!! >:O that remark totally ruined my night. i was gonna fire back with "oh yeah! well my ancestors took your land, so HA!"..but i don't do racial slurs like he does. fucker. so i just got up and said, "YOU are the loser! drunken fool. leave me the fuck alone" and he stfu. haha.

and he didn't get on the bus 'cause he didn't have enough money. dumb loser. that was the last bus, too. HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHH KARMA IS A BITCH ASSHOLE!
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