September 5th, 2007

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Ick..i'm glad the garbage man came, i was gettin' sick of the dead kittens smell :( i bet the neighbors were like WTF? it was that strong. :( (even when we wrapped them up the heat didn't help)

So, I named the 2 remaining kittens Peeves and Mundungus. i assume they're boys. i'm not sure what they are..i'll never know :(

anyhoo, i am NOT anticipating Friday. I have to:
*Go to the grocery store
*Go to the wedding rehearsal
*Kim Possible finale (i'll miss it, though..i'll just watch it on youtube later tonight)
*Shoot 'Em Up movie..david don't wanna take me on Friday. i don't wanna wait until next week. so i'll just ask for some money to go on Sunday when he takes me to the store. I WILL NEVER MISS A TONY MUNCH FOR FOR ANYTHING.

I'm glad CatDog airs for an hour now everday. :D hmm i wonder which candy bar i'll eat tonight. haha. i need to lay off of those. diet my ass. i totally quit it :( but i'll get back on track on Friday.
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