September 27th, 2007

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One word: ER. why? 'cause the man in my icon is gonna be in a new episode tonight.

i'm totally gonna message him on Myspace after it's over. he likes to know what people think. hehe. so i'm gonna lay it on him. *i wish he'd lay on me. hehe*


So, i passed on watching Bionic Woman. i wanted to sleep in. what's the point? i'd rather watch Kitchen Nightmares anyway. screw getting into a new show. fuck that. K-Ville was dumb. so i didn't get into that one either. what the fuck :/ and i didn't give Chuck a chance as well. haha. my tv viewing schedule is crowded enough as it is. i pretty much only care about the new seasons of Heroes, House, ER, and Numb3rs anyways. fuck everything else :P

did ANYONE watch any of those shows i just mentioned? were they worth it?


i think i'll pass on getting my paid account renewed. i want a bike for my birthday instead. and i know i'm gonna want to spend my bday money on other things. like candy. haha. :P but if any of you wanna extend my paid account for 2 months or i can get it renewed from either my sister or David for christmas..then be my guest :)
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