October 10th, 2007

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OMG i'm middle aged today. i mean, mid-20's :D and i'm STILL living in my sister's house. D:

so my friend Becky quit her job, so she'll officially be coming over today. so will David and his family. horay. not sure about my bf, though..i lost his number. and he forgets about me alot..so i wouldn't be surprised if he didn't come over :(

so, about Cavemen last night. JP looks a little more pale than usual. hehe. poor guy. but i loved him in it. too bad there isn't any caps around. *sniff* i want them baaaaaaad.

hey, can someone do me a favor and try to find the torrent of this episode somewhere and send it to me? the eppy is called "Nick Get Job". i'll have to cap him myself i guess :/.

House was super sweet last night. one of the better eppy's.

welllll i'm bored now. :( what should i do?
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