October 11th, 2007

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Thanks alot to those of you who wished me a happy bday yesterday. it means tons :)

i had a good day. got $40 from David..for my bike funds. i should be getting some money from my sister on friday. too bad i gotta wait, i want my bike NOW. dammit. lol!

my own fucking boyfriend didn't come over or call. what a dick. i guess he totally forgot about me. urgh. :(

and i think JP wished me a happy bday about 5 times or so (in the past few days) hahah. what a nice bloke.


and my goddamned mouse stopped working. the last one i had automatically double clicked. and now this one is doing the same. i have to change them often for some reason. it's the computer, not the mice themselves. they work on other computers. it's fucking frustrating :( i just got the stupid thing about a year ago. so, another change has been made. i hope my sister doesn't bitch about it.


ooh chris, i hope my present comes in the mail today. the anticipation is killing me.


i love my icon. i fucking hate those birds. damn trends. DIE.


well, off to watch Pushing Daisies and gonna make some JP (on Cavemen..finally got caps) icons. horah!
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