October 15th, 2007

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CHRIS IS THE COOLEST GUY EVER. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR YOUR GIFT. YOU RULE!!!!!!! don't know why you're so nice to me though. i don't really deserve it.



NOM NOM NOM i made some ER icons with JP in them. *drool* now it's off for some more JP iconage. how can you NOT love the guy?

and i've not messaged JP on myspace in DAYS. i bet he's wondering if i died or not. i thought i'd give the guy a break. although i do have a question for him..but it's not important right now.

so, i got $25 left. $10 will go to that computer game i want. not sure what the other will go to :/

well, the DVD works ok. except for the AV connection. makes an ugly sound while i hook it up. well what do you expect from a $40 player from Walmart :( ah well.

i'm gonna throw the old dvd player on the ground and beat the shit out of it. i got a nice baseball bat. lol! no need to keep it. it don't work anyway. gonna be fun.

speaking of DVD's or whatever, i thought they pulled Harry Potter movies of the shelves, but i saw some at Fry's and Suncoast. lol! okies. whatever.

i should have gotten cat food. Mundungus won't fucking leave me alone. his meows are LOUD. :( i feel bad for the little guy.

is LJ communities working for you guys? i can't get some posts in some communities to work. doesn't work on the other computer as well. so it's not me. :/ i posted icontest voting late 'cause of it. i sent a complaint to LJ staff or whatever. like they'll help. they'll probably tell me to dump my cookies and cache or something. i do that hourly actually.
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STOCK: food - blueberries

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OOOH Amy Lee is gonna be on The View today. :D too bad i have to watch those cows talk :( but ah well. most likely she'll perform Good Enough. you know, i've not seen that video on MTV or anything..except for the day it premiered on TRL. where the fuck is it? :( not getting much air time.

aaaaaaand right now i'm watching The Price is Right. It's the first eppy with Drew Carey. he's doing ok so far. they changed the music. fuck :/

i wanna be a contestant. hmmmm. i should look into that.

i made an awesome coloring tutorial. i love it. i hope people love it too. it works great on my Cavemen caps. and pics with lots of colors. otherwise it's bland and ugly. lol!
a taste of what i made:

Gee, i wonder who's on the right :P
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