November 12th, 2007

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Zoe and Binx haven't eaten since Thursday. :( they don't like the food my sister got. i've been giving them treats and sandwich meat. i would have gotten something day ago but i don't got any money :( poor things. i feel so bad. but she says she'l get something today. better not be that other food they don't like, even the homeless kittens won't eat that shit.

she CAN afford the $7 bag of Purina One dry food. they love that stuff. dammit. :( picky and cheap as hell.


Well, i'm gonna be watching SpongeBob ALL DAY until Heroes is on. fun :/
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STOCK: food - blueberries

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Atlantis Squarepants aftermath:

that was very strange. o_O

and oooooh boy the King (Lord Royal Highness) was freaking me out the whole time. i wouldn't leave kids alone with him.

i was gonna make icons from this eppy but i changed my mind :(

so anyway, i give it a 4/10.

BTW, i wanna fuck Tom Kenny.

EDIT: i didn't know David Bowie voiced the King dude. lol! that's pretty cool.
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