November 22nd, 2007

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HAPPY Thanksgiving? what's so happy about it? i was alone all damn day. no one invited me anywhere. no one came over. nothing. my family is lame. they all go their separate ways. kids at their dads. sister and her bf at his dads. and me..alllll alone. my friends don't care, my 'bf' doesn't care. WHAT THE HELL?! my grandma, mom, and grandpa just HAD to die and leave me alone.

i wonder what happened to my supposed 'boyfriend'. he usually invites me to his moms house. EVERY year. if he died i would know. he's probably in jail or something. i dunno. i don't have his number. or his moms. ah well.

and my brother..OMG don't get me started on him. i HATE his fucking wife. she's a biiiiitch. so hell would freeze over before i'd go there.

so it was just me and the cat. at least she cuddled with me as i layed in bed weeping.

this day needs to go faster. :(

EDIT: YAY!! World Music Awards is on. i was wondering when they would air that. lol! and later is Home Alone. sweet! and my sister brought me some food. horay! mmmm sweet potatoes drenched in marshmallow. *drool* this night isn't gonna end bad at all. :)
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