November 24th, 2007

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I went to Glendale Glitters to see Jordin Sparks. :D It was pretty damn awesome. I was REALLY close to the stage. seriously guys, i pushed through...climbed over shit..etc. i pretended that i was from a magazine so that i would be accepted to go to the front. lol! dumb people. anyhoo, i took my neice's camera along. the pics turned out nice until Jordin came on stage. the camera just HAD to keep dying on me, and the pics are blurry as hell. D:

anyhoo, pics are HERE

she's also appearing at the Virgin Megastore at Arizona Mills Mall tomorrow, but i don't think i'll be going to that. i don't think i can get enough bus money. plus i don't feel like travelling on the bus at such distance. :/ ah well.

and now it's bedtime. i feel like shit.
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