December 12th, 2007

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*sniff sniff* 36 userpics isn't enough. i can't wait to get more on xmas. lol!

Mmmmm watching my boyfriend right now. yum :P

anyhoo, JP (the mentioned 'bf') is gonna be on an online tv show tonight at 10pm PST. called The DAMage Report. here. I ain't missin that for the world.

and the last Pushing Daisies eppy is on tonight. *sob sniff tear boohoo* :(

and you know what SUCKS ASS?! that mp3_share changed their fucking tags system. :( now i can't find anything. i was looking for old posts. now i'm gonna have to mess with LJSeek. KISS MY ASS MP3_SHARE. kiss it. *bends over*
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