December 25th, 2007

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what a bunch of bullshit.

that figures. with my unluckiness an all.

he didn't show up. now it's 8:15. i waited outside for 45 the cold. i tried to call an hour earlier (at 6pm) but no one was home.

i supposed he got caught up with something. it IS christmas afterall.

i guess it's still early in the evening. BUT STILL. he said 7fuckingPM.

and it's dark so..i guess no one can find a house in the dark :/

i think it was a bad night to choose.

i should have gone to that movie. dammit.

ah well. figures. my punishment continues. FUCK

that's what i get for wanting to be happy and wooed. :/

still early in the evening. but damn man, that's what i get i guess.


NEVERMIND!!!! i got a hold of him. the boy's mom didn't pick him up yet. so we rescheduled. it's all ok. he's mad at her BIG TIME. lol! ah well. it's ok. it was a bad night to choose. so i'm fine now. :)
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