December 28th, 2007

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I'm mad. mad as hell.

I call Matt and ask him what he's doing. and he says that he has a friend visiting for a few days from out of town. hmmmmmm. ok. whatever. he didn't tell me about that. so i guess he'll be busy on New Years Eve too.

he wasn't exactly excited to hear from me when i called him last night. i hope i'm not annoying him. i've talked to him almost every day since we met..which was a week ago.

i bet he's trying to see if i'm desperate. i'll not call him in a few days and make him wonder where the hell i am. haha.

so.....why is he doing this? is he trying to make me mad and jealous? 'cause i'm quite sure it's a female friend. i would hate if she stayed there with him. 'cause who knows what kind of friends they are.

i know we're not bf/gf. so i have no right to be mad and jealous. but damn, man. he should be spending time with me :( and he's made it clear the past few days that he really wants to.

our convo was short 'cause my neice was expecting a i couldn't find out more. dammit.

he better not be fucking around with me. i hate being messed with. if he doesn't wanna talk to me or ever see me he should fucking let me know.

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