January 7th, 2008

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Golden Globes - cancelled :(

oh well. look on the bright side..at least we won't have to sit through 3 hours of boring shit. like tributes, "in memoriam", stupid long ass speeches, etc. i just want the fucking list of winners.

but i'm gonna miss the red carpet shit. awards show fashion is one of the best parts.

at least the Critics Choice Awards are on tonight :D :D :D GLEEEEEEEEEE!!!
SWEENEY TODD FTW!! lol! i still need to see that.
umm when was this awards show recorded? o_O


i REALLY need to change my icons. i'm sick of using the same ones everyday. and i still need to make more JP ones. eeeeeeeeee


i have TONS of icons to post. and freebies to give out. i'm slow and lazy. i just multitask and start to do other things. las night i ripped JP vids from youtube and made audio snippets for my computer sounds. hahah. so now he says something dirty when i log off windows. haha!


i would bitch about the Golden Globe awards on Myspace but i don't want JP mad at me. since i think he's a member. he certainly is a supporter. so i'll keep my big mouth shut over there. i'm just fucking pissed at the WGA. but then again they deserve so much more than they get, so my opinions are so-so.

ATTN: does ANYONE want an invite to Scribbld? i got 13. it's another journaling site that uses LJ's source code or whatever. it's brand new. so there's not much there right now. so now i got an early adopter account. and i can't get my layout to work right. :/ ah well. so let me know if you want one.