January 13th, 2008

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from the mouths of the Daily Mail

It's Harry Potter and a film of two halves: the final movie will be released in two parts
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Last updated at 23:24pm on 12th January 2008

Harry Potter fans are set to get a double treat in the film of the final story – and movie makers are set to double their money.
Crew working on the sixth Potter film, Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, have been told J.K. Rowling's seventh novel, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, will be released in two halves.

For film-makers Warner Bros, whose first five Potter films have made £2.5billion in box office receipts – more than any other movie series – it could mean a £500million bonus in ticket sales.

But sources insist the reason behind the two-movie plan is artistic rather than financial.

The books got progressively longer – the first, the Philosopher's Stone, had 223 pages while Deathly Hallows has 776 – and fans have complained chunks of later novels have been left out of films.

A film source said: "There's so much to fit that the view is the last movie should be in two halves. There is a huge battle when Harry, played by Daniel Radcliffe, takes on Voldemort that needs to be done really well."

And Ms Rowling points out on her website: "It is simply impossible to incorporate every storyline into a film under four hours long."

At Warner Bros, who are rumoured to be thinking of Oscars and a big-name director such as Steven Spielberg for the final film, a spokesman said:

"People are discussing all possibilities."


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Well well well, we're gonna find out who wins Golden Globes tonight. BETTER FUCKING BE HOUSE DAMMIT. since The Sopranos wasn't nominated for best drama, i think it has a chance. but i dunno



i love you guys :)
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oooh poopsicles. Hugh lost. some fucking unknown did. what..the..hell.

lots of unknowns and people who don't matter are winning. hmmmmmmmm.


WOAH EXTRAS GOT BEST COMEDY!? eeee!! :D Pushing Daisies will get one someday, but DAMN! go Britain!! :D

poor Lee Pace. but i like David Duchovny. so it's coo

YAY SWEENEY TODD!!! WOOO!!! i need to see that.


looks like i'll have to see Atonement, although i HATE Keira. *shudders*

LOL MAD MEN?! what the hell is that?! o_O poor House. it NEVER wins ANYTHING. >:( perhaps i'm watching the wrong show?

and don't bitch about this being 'spoilery', this is LIVE. ok?! besides, Phoenix is an hour behind, so..yeah

i shall update this post as the show goes along.

(so damn happy there's not an awards show. they're long and boring. and i like this quick and painless..or painful. whichever. just wanna get this shit over with.)

so, it's all over. (and now i'm watching Monk with JP in it) happy and sad. but it was a good show. :) not boring, went quick. horay