January 15th, 2008

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Well, i did the unthinkable. i watched Atonement. lol! i had to freaking endure Keira. but w/e. it was worth it. i thought the story was nice. i wanted to reach through my monitor and choke the shit out of her sister. URGH. dumb bitch. she wasn't sorry for what she did, fo sho. throughout the movie i was like "DAAMMMN!!" and "SHIT!! watch out!! look behind you!!" and "that is whack!" and also "oooooh didn't see THAT coming" lol! so anyway, it deserved the GG award. i hope it gets the Oscar, if Sweeney doesn't get nominated that is.

damn that sex scene was too short but sooo damn unrealistic. stupid slow ass computer barely showed anything. so i was like "what in the hell and where in the hell is she/he doing to him/her?" lol..Keira gave James a handjob, from what i've read on ONTD. hehe. :P

didn't see Sweeney Todd yet. stupid ass friend is taking his sweet ass time taking me to it. i guess i'll just have to see it online :/

i think Oscar nominations are gonna be released in a few hours :D
EDIT!! NEVERMIND!!..it's NEXT week, not today :( fucking dumbass on the IMDb boards made me think it was today
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OMG HAHA!! i laughed so much tears came to my eyes. fo shiz.

Baloo is a papapedo-bear
NSFW, btw. for the language of course.
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SO, it seems that aliens mostly like Texas. WHY DON'T THEY CARE ABOUT OTHER STATES?! dammit! Arizona has alot of crap to offer. ok that's a lie. but why do they mostly visit THEM?! o_O unless the cows REALLY aren't what they seem.

reminds me of that Darkwing Duck episode with the cows and the aliens or something. hmm.

i remember seeing something in the sky when i was young. it was during PE out on the field when we were playing softball. i looked up to the south and saw a silver round thing flying around. no joke. it was probably my ritalin but i dunno.


texting with Zach. (from my AIM to his cell) we're discussing plans. why didn't i think of texting him before? *facepalm* BTW!! can i "connect to talk" and talk to him that way? hmm. that may be a way to cheat the system. hehe. has anyone tried that?