January 17th, 2008

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ATTN people who i requested from and whatnot

*sigh* :( getting beat up..slightly.. at icon communities 'cause i'm slow at uploading their stuff. dammit. they're not aware my situation. so here it is:

1. LJ is giving me problems. they are now fixed. i couldn't access the manage userpics area these past few weeks. (same happened with layout customization, feed searches, FAQ, etc)
2. my friend promised me he'd renew my paid account plus my userpics addon as a christmas present. has he done that yet? no. so i've been picky. my account will go back to plus if he fails to show up by this weekend. so i'll be even more picky.

the stupid manage userpics area was slow as fuck. it didn't matter what browser i used, it did the same damn things. it would do that 'timeout' thing and go to a 404 page or whatever. it would take as long as 10 minutes before that happens. so i just said "fuck it. i'll do this another time".

our other computer wasn't working as well. my neices were complaining 'cause their precious Myspace wasn't loading correctly. so my sister had to call her stupid ass ex husband to come over and fix this shit.

so we found out that we got a virus. most likely from downloading stuff from Limewire but it somehow got from their computer to mine. fucking router, it was. i bet anything. it had to be. we had the same damn virus.

yes, i am aware of their rules and i do my best to obey them. but it's not my fault. MY NEICES are the ones that use LimeWire and fuck up their computers. and spread crap to me so i can't function normally and do what needs to be done.

we had the computer in the house reinstall Windows today, and as for my computer..it can't reinstall. don't know why. so i ran a ton of virus cleaners or whatever, googled on how to get rid of the virus, and so forth. and i had to remove all my crap and reinstalled my programs, including all of my browsers. i contacted Cox tech support and they helped us. for the past 3 hours or so. all that comes out of their mouths is spooge. since they ARE Cox. :P hehe. and we had to install a stupid ass annoying firewall to prevent this shit from happening again.

uploading shall commence. unless my stupid ass friend doens't help me with my paid account/extra userpics this weekend. then i'll just..i dunno :(
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