January 23rd, 2008

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forget it

fuck it

who cares about it

deleted it
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STOCK: food - blueberries


DAMMIT! i liked that air force chick. and i hope that cheerleader preppy goody goody doesn't go too far. i have a bad feeling about her.

anyway, is anyone else gonna watch Moment of Truth?


i'm still fucking sick. but now my eyes are blurry and watery, etc. probably triggered from cryin this morning :(


well i'm gonna go see Sweeney Todd and go see Zach tomorrow regardless of how i'm feeling.
STOCK: food - blueberries


To all the ppl in the world who want Britney Spears to die:

If Britney died, we would never hear the end of it. ever. it will get old hours after her death and you will never check your flists or turn on the tv again. i'm serious. it took months for that Anna Nicole shit to die down..and she barely mattered to the entertainment world except for being a whore, so just think of what will happen if Britbrit kicks teh bukket. so don't wish that shit on celebs like her. ok? ok.

it's bad enough that her life is in peril, but what gives us the right to mock her when or if she dies soon? she's a fucking human being who wouldn't deserve that shit.

it's better that we laugh about her fucked up life than about her soon to be/possible death.

SO STOP YOUR BITCHIN' ABOUT ALL THESE HEATH LEDGER POSTS CROWDING YOUR PRECIOUS FLISTS. he has fans. and he's a big actor. so there's gonna be tons of posts about him for awhile. i myself have to check my flist twice a day. all the way back through 950 entries. fucking twice. and i wanna go to sleep 'cause i'm sick. but i can't.

i especially got pissed when someone in iconrants ranted about too many Heath icons. GET OVER YOURSELF. if someone wants to remember him by making art, fucking let them!! >:(

just don't wish that shit on Britney. the internet will break.


and yes, i have a soul..a heart..and feelings too. i'm not as cold blooded as people think. i'm just irritated about all this crap going on.
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