February 18th, 2008

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great day GREAT day :D :D

For the Harry Potter dorks on my flist..GREAT NEWS:
we now have a Fenrir Greyback and Amycus Carrow in HBP! :D according to reports online, of course. remember how i was all pissed off 'cause they may have cut them out, well this goes to show how patience pays off. i sure hope these reports are correct. and i hope we get an Alecto, too. who would you guys cast as her? (remmeber that she's kinda porky and plain)

anyway, here's some info about who's gonna play Amycus HERE. the actor was on the UK's "The Office"..if any of you have seen that show, how is he on it?

and as for Greyback, i think they made a great choice. i hate when people judge too early based on casting decisions. he looks ok to me for the role. old interview here and more info about him here. with makeup and special effects, i think he'll do just fine.

so what does vikingcarrot think about this?


and now for the non HP related news.
yesterday i applied at 3 communities. flipcup, likemagic, and at an elite stock icontest elite_stock, and got in...in ALL three. O_O pretty awesome if you ask me. although i'm gonna hold off on applying at anymore places for a long long time.


my feelings about today:
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this has been a good day pretty much :D
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