March 7th, 2008

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are there any computer geniuses here? i know there are two of you. any more?

i need some assistance. regarding "pagefile.sys" and RAM. and whatnot. :/ thanks.

and i wanna know what browser would be best for me. i've tried IE7, Firefox, Opera, Maxthon, but NONE are working good with my computer. i don't got much RAM (448MB), and limited disk space (2GB left), and i have to have a few programs open at once to survive. Winamp, PhotoShop, Paint Shop Pro if needed, xplorer2, etc. and PhotoShop is VERY slow when running Opera. and Opera was the best one for me. the others aren't doing so good. right now i'm using Maxthon and it only crashes when i have a ton of tabs open, or when a page with tons of pics and stuff are on it. but it has a great session saver and it's good with tabs. and PhotoShop runs smoothly with it. i'm just VERY annoyed. no matter what i do my computer goes KABLOOOEEEYYY basically on a daily basis.

so i wanna know where a browser that supports tabs, good with sessions (crash recovery), and easy to organize bookmarks. they have a few on but some are the same. :/

so i thought messing with my pagefile would help. right now it's set at 500-1300MB. and allocated is 900MB at the moment. there is an option to have no pagefile at all. i'm wondering if i set that if it'll make my computer wonky?

i'm not sure what to do. RAM boosters don't do shit for me. hmmmmm. :(

i'm probably just gonna have to get more RAM put in. tsk tsk.