March 22nd, 2008

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..that i've the past. i mean, it's REALLY bad. Some of you might remember a kids show in the mid-90's called Space Cases..well I was a fan of it. it had a good sized fandom, and i wrote some fics. and they didn't have a beta, either. LOL!

WARNING: Mary Sue's, funky names, and bad writing AHOY!!!

Love More Than Lost part 1 part 2

"Love More Than Lost"..what the FUCK does that even mean? o_O

Bad, right? well it wasn't the only disaster i wrote. here's another Space Cases fic, called Lethal Candy. i never wrote a part 2, and good thing i didn't.

STOP LAUGHING!! >:O lol ok you can laugh. i was a dumbass back then.

and this is why, ladies and gents, why i don't write anymore. like i wrote anything. i just typed utter crap.

that wasn't the end of my terror, i also wrote this:
Darkwing Duck fic "Wipeout"
It was Saturday morning and Sebastiana had a hangover from the stress.
FORGIVE ME. i didn't know what 'hangover' meant back then. HAHAHA!

and if the fanfics i wrote were bad enough, what about this SHITTY WALLPAPER i made. D:

Glad i stuck to making graphics and not fanfics.
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