April 3rd, 2008

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"you know, i learned something today" (new South Park eppy thoughts)

I hope people see the message this episode had. The Canadians represented the WGA, the bubble gum and the Bennigans coupons represented the meager shit the studios gave them. so this is their (the SP writers and whatnot) way of telling that what they were given was fucked up as hell. and i'm inclined to agree

so anyway, i loved this eppy. but i think it should have been the first one of the season. this wasn't an "OMG TOO SOON!" type of thing, more of a "OMG TOO LATE!" instead.

but i loved the YouTube stars battle. gopher ftmfw.

and one question, why is Trey and Matt so obsessed over Canada?


and an OT note: I LOOOOOVE PATTON OSWALT. and Root Of All Evil was made of win, too.
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