April 17th, 2008

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newz and whatnots

Sooooo does my profile look ok? It's Michael Johns edition. hehe.

Sooooo JP hasn't told me what his character in Aaron Stone is about. oh well. he probably doesn't wanna spoil me. Little does he know i like to be spoiled. haha. in due time we'll find out. in due time.

Sooooo this show on MTV, Rock the Cradle, is ......i dunno. a rip off of AI. lol! i think Jesse is hawt. and Chloe needs to gtfo. that busted faced hoe. she can't sing worth shit. it's like a cat taking a huge dump. lol!

Sooooo i got my new monitor. it's a LCD 17". i had the resolution at 1152x864 but it was wayyyyy too small. the box that the monitor came in said it would look best that way. WRONG! i think i'll keep it at 1024x768, since that's the recommended setting. BUT i'm having trouble with my brightness/contrast and color settings. i don't know if it's too bright or not. since i'm not used to LCD. and i'm not sure if i got the color settings right. i got them all at 100%...and the whites on the screen look beige and the blacks look blue. i dunno :/ i guess i'll have to get used to this.
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