May 15th, 2008

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JP stuff, and computer issues

Soooo i saw him and his hawt nekkid body on Nash Briges this mornin'. damn i wish i could cap that shit. he keeps to his French roots. getting naked all the time and whatnot.

and tonight is the ER season finale, in which he's in. it might be his last appearance on ER. i'm not sure, though. since he's moving to Canada in a few weeks, how could he both be in L.A. and Toronto to film two things at once? i don't see it happening. and of course, he's not told me what will go on. :/


in other news, i need a computer genius. here's my prob:
My computer has been automatically restarting when i use utility programs. like cleaning files and stuff. so i have to do that crap in safe mode. ever since i got System Utilities it's been acting funny like that. i've since gotten ride of System Utilities, to avoid further problems. :/ so...what could be up?

and i have no way of backing up my files. except it would take FOREVER to upload my shit on the net. i don't have any external drives to save things on :/
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