May 21st, 2008

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Soooo i watched half of Prince Caspian. i gotta download the rest today. likin' it so far. i think Pedja only had one scene..unless he was one of the guys who died in the forest ambush. i dunno. the vid quality is bad and my screen sucks..couldn't tell. at least he had line/s. lol! i'll find out if he pops up in the rest of the movie.

Gee...i wonder who just MIGHT win American Idol tonight. I wonder who it could be..hmmmmm.

After watching Monday's House....and then watching the pilot feels weird. House and Wilson aren't what they used to be. their friendship sure as hell won't be the same again :(

i feel........really weird for some reason. probably House...i dunno. :/ after watching it i feel different for some reason.

HEY BLUE!!! Happy Bday! :D i made a Davis header for my journal..likey? do you want me to make a D/K header or whatever? (or any other CG related graphic) i'll do it! :) i'll just need pics and stuff.
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STOCK: food - blueberries

American Idol


hahahhahahhahah epic win. EPIC. EPIC EPIC EPIC WINNING.

lol my day ended better than i thought.

Archie is gonna end up on Disney Channel. lol. where he belongs.
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