May 24th, 2008

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anyone?.............anyone at all?! pretty please? i'm poor :(

I'll see if Blockbuster has it on Tuesday, since i got a coupon for a free movie rental. if not i'll see if they have any Corner Gas DVD's. or something from Fred or Lorne. i'm in a CG/CG cast mood.

and FINALLYYYYYYYY Tony Munch is in a new movie. a tv movie, actually. it's called "Of Murder and Memory/Who Named the Knife", not sure which title it's gonna officially have. and i don't know when it'll be released. but it'll air on Lifetime and CTV. :) he'll most likely play a bad guy again.

i HATE how he does one movie, one tv appearance, and one play...every year. why is he being so slow? :( OH WAIT I KNOW!! Canada's tv/film industry isn't what it used to be. lack of funds = lack of content. it's the same ol' shit every fucking year. i wish i could donate to them. makes me a sad panda.

glad JP is active as hell.

but JP has been laying low for the past few weeks. i suppose he's getting ready to move to Canada in a few weeks. bless his heart.

speaking of which, i hope he doesn't decide to stay there. unless he wants to see the quantity of his work decline. so i'm hoping he comes back to Hollywood after Aaron Stone.

i can't believe i'm saying this..but i think it's time Tony comes to Hollywood and try his luck there. (unless he WANTS few roles, more power to him. i hope he has a second job)
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