August 30th, 2008

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Well, computer is still busted. it stopped restarting itself, though..for now. still trying to upload my stuff. i'm having problems with upload sites. takes an hour to upload a 100MB file. outrageous. >:[

there is a CD-ROM that i need for the high speed internet to work, and we can't find it :/ so i'm stuck with this piece of shit until i can find it.

until then, here's a new pic of JP in "Aaron Stone" :D Made me so happy to find it
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Toronto peeps: isn't that the Distillery District?

and OMG this show is gonna be like Silverstone (from The Famous Jett Jackson show a few years ago)...excited.

in other news, my neice is so stupid. she has only 200MB of space left on her computer. WTF?! she's ignoring my warnings about impending doom on her computer. she has about 5GB of music and TONS of pictures. i told her i could resize the pics for her.

i hate stupid people
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