September 2nd, 2008

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i'm using my other computer. the one that couldn't get internet. i reinstalled windows xp and now i'm online :D so far so good. right now i got 7GB, but i know that'll change dramatically, since i still need to get my stuff back. but hey, better than nothing.

i'm happy again :D :D :D

so i'm slowly returning. but i'll be fine.

and THANK GOD no more sucky display driver. the one that made streaks across the screen. my eyes are used to the streaks so they automatically see them. lol!
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STOCK: food - blueberries

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i'm going to have to go back to my other computer for a few hours. i forgot to upload some stuff. like text files, my winamp playlist, my patterns, etc etc.

AND FONTS, of course. i know some of you guys can help me out. i need these font packages:
Pea fonts

and these as well:
JackLanternBB, BrockScript, Bello Script, somybmp01_7, PR8Charade, BaileywickCurlyJF, Kroeger0555, Uni0553, Duet, EnchantedPrarieDog, EPISODE I, StephanieMarieJF, Sudestada, TwinkleStarROB, House A Rama League Night

i opened my PSD's in photoshop and they told me i need them. and i do. i really do.

please please please?! i mean ALL of the fonts in those packages. the rest i can get at font communities and dafont.

damn i need to change the size of my fonts on here. it's fuzzy as fuck o_O

anyway, i started out with 8GB of free space on this computer. now it's down to 4GB. but that's fine with me.

and it's slow :/ cuz i only got 320MB of RAM on here. i need to get some more RAM on my birthday next month. until then i'm going to take it slow. i don't wanna fuck this up.
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