September 7th, 2008

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they took Phil of the Future off the air. well at least i think they did, since it won't be on for 2 weeks, according to my tv listings.

WHY?! i'm pretty sure people, other than myself, watch it. sheesh!

they always do this. 2 years after a show ends, they fucking take it off.

what does Curtis think about that?



fucking cat pissed on my bed..AGAIN. i thought she was hungry since she was standing by her bowl and meowing like crazy, i didn't know she had to fucking piss. she did it while i left to the corner store. I FUCKING HATE HER RIGHT NOW. 3 strikes and she's out of my room. she's suspended from being in my room.

i hope she can taste her own piss, since i rubbed her fucking nose in it. damn cat.

i love her but, COME ON!! 3 fucking times?! seriously. she should have known better by now. at least pee somewhere else that ISN'T MY BED. in the same damn spot, too.

i even put a garbage bag covering the middle of my bed and she pissed next to it. I MEAN TAKE A FUCKING HINT.


now i gotta rewash my bedding and flip my mattress over...again. and again...and again.
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