September 8th, 2008

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prettiest icons i've seen in awhile

i wish i had talent like that. i could but i don't have patience. :/


Ok, so being the award show nut that i am, i watched last night's VMA's. since i was talking on the phone, i muted everything but the awards and performances. i didn't give a shit about who Russell Brand is, so i didn't care what he had to say. (WHY IN THE HELL WAS HE THE HOST?! bad move MTV) so when Jordin came on and said what she said, i got a little mad. not knowing what was going on, i was a tad bit offended. like who in the hell does she think she is? telling me i'm a slut! lol! so after the awards, i went on message boards to see what the hoopla was, and after watching videos i now realize why she said what she said. but still, he should have kept his damn mouth shut. and at least get some original material, buddy! political "jokes" are soooooo old. and ganging up on the Jo Bro's like that cuz they don't screw every chick they meet was a little intense. leave them alone! they're great positive role models and i'm glad they have tons of fans who look up to them, instead of looking up to a tool like Russell Brand. i do think, however, that Jordin should have worded herself better. cuz she pissed off alot of people.

and that brings me to this: i think Americans take shit too seriously and get offended too easily. like i did when she went off. seriously America, STFU! stop treating each other like shit and accept your crummy lives and love each other. support each other. etc etc. ..and...and. crap i give up. no one cares what i got to say. not my family, not my friends, not anyone. oh well.

still..i want my 2 hours back. i should have watched America's Next Top Model instead. :/


i forgave Zoe. i can't stop loving her no matter what she does. she means the world to me. it wasn't her (or my) fault that she peed on my bed. we have no fresh cat litter. the litter box is 1/3 full and smells REALLY bad. like she's gonna go in it :( so i asked my friend to help us out. my sister is poor until friday. and Zoe is eating the dog food. i guess that's better than nothing.
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