September 12th, 2008

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Phil of the Future NOT off the air?!

according to this site, POTF isn't gone for good.

but on the zap2it listsings, they still list Cory in the House in the 12:30 am spot. hmmmm. so i guess we'll see what happens.


for Tony Munch fans, Disney Channel is gonna air Jett Jackson: The Movie on late Saturday night. and sept 21st at 9am. :D they've not aired that movie for YEARS.


i forgot to talk about the America's Got Talent eppy that was last night. i'm soooooooo satisfied with the top 10. :D especially for Donald. i did NOT expect him to make it. there was alot of great acts that didn't make it. btw, GUH!! pics!!. and that Elvis guy has JP's smile. makes me like him more.
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fo sho :)

and if i would have known the ZOOperstars were hot underneath those stupid costumes, i think i would have liked them. glad they're gone, though.