October 6th, 2008

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oooh YAY!! :D i got my early ballot. sweet!

hmmm who to vote for..who to vote for.

ah hell, i HATE Palin! and just because McCain is my state's senator, doesn't mean i should vote for him. i now know which issues are more important to me. plus he's older than Curtis the Caveman, so he'll keel over soon. so do we REALLY want Palin as prez? i do not. >:(

soooo i guess it'll be Obama. lol my best friend and her hubby would give me the lecture of a lifetime if i told them. so i'll lie. lol!

*sigh* i think McCain will win. :/ it's a Republican dominated country afterall.

*another sigh* i wish i was voting in the Canadian elections instead. :) one day i will. one day.

and many apologies to the McCain supporters on my flist :(
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