October 9th, 2008

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i can't believe it's only $35! and it comes with ink as well. can't get better than that!!

at first i wanted either speakers for my computer or tv, but i doubt i'll get more than $50. :/


*sigh*....:( tonight is the night. JP's last ER appearance. i think. i hope Crenshaw quits or something. they wouldn't kill him off. i would have known through spoilers. hmmm......

oh yay a new episode of Emperor's New School is on today at 4:30pm. i wonder how many more are left :[ i love listening to his voice :]


Dear boyfriend,
WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?! you're not answering your phone. are you avoiding me? wtf asshole?! >:(
the best thing to ever happen to you

oh look it's his penis!!
STOCK: food - blueberries

KERI HILSON frustrations, boyfriend sucks, etc etc

i love Keri an' all, but i'm so damn sick of her album getting pushed back over and over. now it's DECEMBER. wtf?! >:(

god i hope it leaks VERY soon. i'm counting down the days.

she was supposed to release her album last year. she said in an interview that half of it has leaked and it hurts the artist's feelings. if her album was released when it should have been, she wouldn't be complaining about it.

i really want her to be big. but it's not gonna happen if she never releases her album. she will forever be the girl who collaborates with people. urgh. :(

and i THOUGHT she wasn't gonna be in Timbaland's new album, but i think i hear her in his new song "Back Together". i'm 90% sure it's her. if she wants to be big, she should ditch Timbo and all those collaborations and release her damn album already. she's gonna lose fans and interest fast.

and her single Energy is pretty much bombing. i never see the vid on tv. or hear it on the radio. it's not in the top 10 on any billboard charts. i'm worried. but hopefully Return the Favor is better.

and i'm so damn sick of songs out there that's she not even in. take notice of my icon. Grown and Sexy is a song by Hot Rod and it's not even her in the song. urgh. now my icon is less relevant :(

she's probably just a temporary fad for me, since Evanescence and Amerie are on breaks. i'll be back to loving the shit out of them when they return. but STILL, i'm sick of it all.

but then again, i've loved her since i heard Timbaland's "The Way I Are". i'm just a little impatient that's all :(

and i'm so damn sick of the hate. especially on ONTD. the posts about her have very few comments, and 75% of them are negative. fuck all of them.

and speaking of ONTD, the "..and remains __ while doing so" is so fucking old. STOP IT!


i'm sorta depressed right now. my boyfriend is the main cause. he's not answering his phone. i'm not sure if he's avoiding me or if something happened. :/ i really want him here for my birthday tomorrow. but noooo i doubt that'll happen. if i don't hear or see him tomorrow, i think it's over for good. i'm not waiting for him ANYMORE >:(

i'm also sad cuz of my health. not sure what's going on. but i got skin problems, hair loss, morning tummy aches, ect. :/ and i've been sleeping alot. i don't wanna die in my sleep from a heart attack. i just don't wanna live this life anymore. but my cat Zoe is keeping me from giving up and killing myself. plus it would kill my sister. it would destroy her and everyone around her. she would end up being a hardcore alcoholic like my mom, and die of kidney failure like she did. but i also think i would have done it, if i didn't have the fear of hell in me. i'm probably going there anyway :(

so......whatever. i dunno. :/ i just don't see the point of typing this shit out anyways. no one really cares. not my family, not my friends, nobody. i can only just cuddle with my darling Zoe and my pain will go away. so i'll do just that right now.
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