October 10th, 2008

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our internet is being a dick. i don't know how long i have at the moment. probably a few minutes. the modem is acting up again. we're gonna have to call the cable company. FUCKING ASSHOLES. it'll never change. i wish there was another internet plan we could use. :/ i can't think of any. (DSL not dial up, i know alot of dial up plans)


i'm wondering if it's the cable modem itself and not the internet service. hmm. we might have to have the modem replaced. fucking Motorola is gay

i was gonna post the voting results for an icontest before this shit happened. wtf man. i can't do anything tonight. i'm soooooooooooo behind. and this shit is making it worse.

and on my birthday, too. this better not be the start of a shitty day. seriously.

oh, and my bf's phone is off. i guess i'll have to see if he shows up. chances are he won't. fucker.
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