October 29th, 2008

STOCK: food - blueberries

1st paragraph is gross

FINALLY!! :D the tooth that was broken/decayed/etc finally came out. it's one of the bottom molars. the one next to the last on the right. the other half wiggled its way out this morning. i didn't even need to pull that hard. XD i still need dental surgery to get the rest of it out. when my insurance renews. i can't stop poking the hole with my tongue. lol! so now i got my souvenir on my desk. :] no more pain horay!

and FINALLY!! :D my PhotoShop works again. i got a few ideas for new graphics. :)

I expected better of My Own Worst Enemy. it's just...fail :( i'm really disappointed. it's hard to follow and understand, if you're multi-tasking. i'm not gonna bother watch the rest of the 1st episode i have on tape, or the episodes i downloaded. FUCK IT. it'll probably get canceled anyways. so i'm not gonna bother.

not gonna do shit for Halloween. :/ i never do. i gots no lyfe :(

yay Monday night show reference. maybe one of you will get it:
i got a low IQ score and now i'm gonna set a puppy on fire cuz i'm dumb

no, i'm not dumb. and i won't set a puppy on fire. it's a tv show joke thing. ok? ok