November 2nd, 2008

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uhhhhh you know...

there are more things to worry about in this election than gay marriage. we need to fix this damn economy before anything else. gay couples can wait. YES YOU CAN WAIT, ok. i want a job, dammit. i wanna be ok in the future (if i'm stuck here). and if i move to Canada, i don't wanna feel like i abandoned my family in a sucky ass place.

if you have the gay marriage issue on your ballot, vote as you see fit. i won't stop ya. but i just think the future of this country is more important right now.

i'm sick of being poor, jobless, etc. if i was a lesbian, i wouldn't be worrying about marrying my partner right now. i would worry more about having a decent place to live, food on the table, a good job, etc. not if we have a marriage certificate.

just sayin'. :(


i know a few of you who feel strongly about gay marriage and i commend you. i just have more things to worry about in my life. a different agenda, if you will. i'm not being selfish or anything. know. i'm scared about my future. i don't wanna live like this anymore. but it's fine with me. do what you want :) good for you and whatnot.