November 14th, 2008

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South Park was awesome this week. so was Family Guy, for that matter.

anyway, i got a BIG problem. DES is being a total ass to me. i went there on Oct 16th to submit my application for more food stamps and medical insurance. the lady told me that they were going to send me my appointment info through the mail. so i wait...and wait. and i got NOTHING. i even called them and left a message and didn't get a call back. so last week i went there to complain and the lady to me that they'll call me first thing. she said "i'll have this the first thing my worker does"..and i NEVER get a call. ever. nothing. and yesterday i got a letter from them saying that they didn't get my application, and that my insurance will run out at the end of the month. I DID SO SENT IN AN APPLICATION >:( they even stamped it in the corner stating that it was received. w.......t.......f. :/ so now i'm going to have to go there this morning. really REALLY early so that i'm the first one in. and i'm not gonna be nice about it either. i'm sick of being nice to them. I WANT MY DAMN APPOINTMENT. i want more food and medical. dammit

i bet they put me in the back of the filing cabinet since i don't have any kids. maybe they'd pay more attention to me if i had one. :/

probably the fucking economy i bet. i bet more and more people are applying nowadays. urgh

why did they do this to me? lazy fucks.

on a lighter note, i want a Ball-in-a-Cup. lol
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