December 7th, 2008

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I just missed the HP: Goblet Of Fire extended version on ABC Family last night. Why am i mad? cuz i'm a forgetful fool.

but anyway, WAS THERE ANY EXTRA SCENES THAT WEREN'T ON THE DVD THAT WERE SHOWN?! if so, i'm fuuuuuuucked. hopefully someone will upload it if that's the case.

*sigh* i hate being sick. i wouldn't have been in bed and missed out if i was happy and healthy.

i hope i don't puke. my tummy huurrrrts.

i think i'll go back to sleep. no point staying awake now. :/

oh, and YAY NICO!!! :D i was rooting for Allie, Miles, or Nico to win So You Think You Can Dance Canada. so that was the best part of last night.
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