January 1st, 2009

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first thing i did in 2009: took a pee :)

i didn't do anything last night. i was alone at home..bored :/ i never do anything or go out. my friends don't care no mo' :(

ummmmmmm i went to that Metro Light Rail celebration on Saturday. it was AWESOME!! :D i had so much fun. i went to the 19th/Montebello starting line (cuz it's the closest to me) and waited FOUR hours in line to ride it. yah, 4 hours. it was like waiting for a Disneyland ride. it was worth it. i rode all the way to the end. in Tempe. i didn't spend much time in Tempe. i only had Subway and i rode it back. the line was only a half hour wait, since it was the end of the party.

so anyway, i met this guy named Billy on the light rail train on the way back. he kinda reminded me of a pirate since he had long hair in a ponytail, black bandana, dragon earring, etc. but he likes Harley Davidson type of stuff, so that was his intended style. anyway, he started to talk to me. he's REALLY nice. he's 33 yrs old. just the way i like it. hehe :P so we exchanged numbers and we're gonna hang out on Friday. i can't wait. i like him. :) my sister, of course, judged him from the time i spoke about him. she is hard to trust people. she thinks he's gonna be a weirdo that'll rob us. what the fuck ever. urgh. so we'll see what happens when i hang out with him tomorrow night :) he won't get any. i'm gonna make him wait for that. hehe.

poor guy didn't go out last night. his knee was hurting and he went to bed. poor thing. :( i wish i would have been there with him. sigh.