January 7th, 2009

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How moral are you?

Morality is a complex subject. Everyone has a different idea about what it means. Many people believe in a God-given morality; that morality is a spiritual issues and standard; that it is absolute. Others believe in a relative morality, and believe it is designed to keep society stable and prevent us from hurting each other.

This test is designed to be a broad, encompassing look at morality. We include anything that a significant number of people believe is a moral issue.

Your ideological morality index is 3.9 / 10. This is determined by your ideological opposition to various things that are considered immoral. A higher number indicates a higher morality, or an increased opposition to immorality in your personal life. In other words, a higher number means you intend to be more moral in the future.
The average is currently 6.2 / 10, which leaves you 37% lower than the average.

Your practical morality index is 5.4 / 10. This is determined by your actions - what you have done, what you are doing. A higher number means that you have generally lived by a high standard of morality.
The average practical morality index is 6.3 / 10, which puts you at 14% lower than the average.

Broken down, your personal morality is 3.2 / 10 (low) - this is the morality that relates to your personal decisions. Your interpersonal morality is 6 / 10 (medium) - this concerns your relationship to, and decisions that you make concerning, other people.
Get your morality analysis.

SEE!! i'm not ALL bad :P

i would only kill someone if my life was in danger. (i mean really, who wouldn't?) but i still put "i would never do this" or whatever.

and LOL @ people thinking LJ is gonna go boom cuz a few people got laid off. i mean really now. :| it's not going away any time soon.
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