March 22nd, 2009

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Since my graphic making days are pretty much over, i defriended resource communities. no point having them on my flist. it hurts to see pretty textures and tuts posted, and i can't do anything with them. so yeah..what's the point.

what's the point of even making anything anymore. no one gives a shit about my graphics anyway. i think i'll just make stuff for myself, using online photo editors. that's all i can pretty much do now.

i'm so damn disappointed. it's over. no hope. i tried to fix those computers..and i failed. i don't think i'm going to get help, either. so...yeah. RIP computers. i'll miss you.

i keep crying about it. it's so damn pathetic. what is wrong with me.

it's pretty obvious why this shit happened. it's a sign. to get off my lazy ass.

maybe i can get a life now.
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