April 21st, 2009

STOCK: food - blueberries

Idol thoughts

Lil: she's overstayed her welcome. she's boring and not unique :/
Kris: i like him now. i didn't before. but he's upped his game in my book. his version of this song is nice.
Danny: he's ok i guess. not one of my faves. i don't really like the song, though. so ..meh
Allison: it's was ok. not one of my faves. i like her voice, though.
Adam: woo woo woo! :D sometimes slow songs are better. and he did great on this one
Matt: urgh. they wasted the save on him. oh boy. :/ i knew this song was gonna be performed. so it was alright for me.
Annop: this song sucks so much. i hated the whole damn thing. sure his voice is nice, but this wasn't a good song for him :/ he'll be going home tomorrow

so i rate tonight 6/10.

and yay for Fringe!! :D