May 23rd, 2009

STOCK: food - blueberries

is it just me??

I have a free account at Megaupload. and i only have 15 rewards points. Did they get rid of wait times? it used to be 25 i don't have to wait at all. i just get the "regular download" button instead of the countdown thingie. O_O

not that i'm minding this. i think it's awesome XD

am i the only one here??


i keep eating :/ i can't get full at all. my stomach is feeling constantly empty. urgh. wtf.

maybe it's nervousness. my computer has been making those whirring sounds again. and i don't want it to die. or maybe something bad is gonna happen. i don't know. i'm just....starving my ass off!

now that i finished eating some flaming hot cheetos, i'm gonna have cocoa crispies soon. lol!!

and it's wierd. i have to have something sweet after i eat something salty. and something salty after something sweet. hmm.............:|


and i need to cut down on smilies :P
STOCK: food - blueberries

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ummmm someone "rejected my request" on my IM program called deliriousandlost...who's that?????

if you're on my flist, why so mean? >:(