June 8th, 2009

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So I was doing my business last night, editing my mp3 files, and i got the BLUE SCREEN O' DEATH!! it was the same one i got when i had that problem before when it wouldn't start up. :/ so i go into some error log or whatever it's called and noticed this particular error:

AMLI: ACPI BIOS is attempting to read from an illegal IO port address (0x71), which lies in the 0x70 - 0x71 protected address range. This could lead to system instability. Please contact your system vendor for technical assistance.

so that got me to googling for an answer:

You supplied a very short list of what's in that machine. Such items as BAD MOTHERBOARD CAPACITORS can be a factor as well as the usual OVERTAXED POWER SUPPLY THAT HAS FINALLY BEGUN TO FAIL.

I'd test fit a 450 Watt power supply and look for the bad capacitor issue as well as try the heat test. Remove the cover and point a fan at the machine. If the problem subsides, then you either have a failing fan/heatsink or a heat sensitive component. Such heat sensitive components are often on a card or even a motherboard and are great fun to track down. The end user is often upset that the motherboard or card is replaced.

i had a feeling in my gut that it was a power problem. i had it on for 7 days straight and didn't shut it off like i should have. and i suppose it overheated or something. and that something on the motherboard is failing. so basically my computer is dying and i can't do anything about it. it's 8 years old and it's time is almost up.

it's like a frail old man on life support who prefers DNR but at the request of the family (me), i want to keep it alive.

my gut is telling me that it's not spyware, adware, malware, viruses, etc. but a power failure problem. it's always had power problems. it's just getting worse. and no one will help me. ever. so it'll be over when it's over. only time will tell.

i knew my good luck with this computer was ending. good thing i uploaded everything. i'm prepared for the worst.

so do you computer geniuses think that's the problem? :| i'm at my wit's end. but i'm trying not to fret on it. there are worse things in life that can happen. lol!