June 17th, 2009

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I was taking a 3 hr nap, and what do i wake up to?? my damn computer making that loud ass sound again. URGH!! STOP IT!!! >:( i'm getting really sick of it :/ so it was frozen while that sound was going on, but it eventually quit and unfroze.

yah i know you're tired of hearing about and i'm tired reporting about it..but that's what goes on in my life :/ if i bore you..leave.

i feel wierd for some reason. always tired, stomach feels funny...etc. better not be that damn swine flu :[
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STOCK: food - blueberries

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  • 16:45 mariah's new single isn't bad. not bad at all :D #
  • 19:16 lol beyonce is gonna end up releasing every song in black and white vids :/ WHEN WILL IT END?! #
  • 21:15 wtf is this mafia shit spamming my page :| #
  • 08:57 @1beachsax11 i thought that mafia thing was a hacking into your account or something. doesn't matter to me if you play it #
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