June 29th, 2009

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Daily Shizz

What's been goin' on....

  • 16:19 STOP WITH THIS KERI HILSON VS BEYONCE BULLSHIT. there is no fucking beef. you assholes are full of yourselves. GET OVER IT. urgh >:| #
  • 18:39 lol keri hilson haters. LOSERS :) #
  • 18:46 u kno wut i just noticed? they put best actress and best new artist awards together. ON PURPOSE. why? bey lost, keri won. lol FOREVER! XD #
  • 18:51 @1beachsax11 they're also mad cuz they THOUGHT it was gonna be all about bey 2nite. well TOO BAD..it's about MJ. #
  • 19:05 dear keri, never EVER touch auto tune ever again. OK?! :) you're better than that shit #
  • 19:11 i'm bored with this show now. tired, hungry, bored, urgh. did i mention bored? :| #
  • 19:18 wow that old man was talkin so damn slowly. :| yawwwwwwwwn. i could have made my tv dinner during his...speech..*sleeeeps* #
  • 19:33 jsyk, i don't hate beyonce. i hate her immature stans. i would enjoy bey more if you assholes weren't so pathetic. GROW UP! #
  • 19:34 lol BET didn't censor "shit" fast enough XD #
  • 20:06 this show is gonna be like 2 more hours long. did they even give half the awards away? #
  • 20:12 not gonna hate. i love Live Your Life. congrats T.i. & Riri :) daaaaamn Tiny is ugly as shit, though #
  • 20:16 was that dumbass drunk? #
  • 20:20 pretty rings?...pretty wings?..oh pretty WANGS!! ok now i get it :P... oh is it fifty 'something'?? i can't tell #
  • 20:28 every time i see Drake, i think of Jimmy getting shot XD #
  • 20:37 so that's the show?? that was it?! WTF?!?!?! poor MJ :( BET = Boring Every Time #
  • 20:39 oh wait nm. shit i'm sad now. JANETTT!!! #
  • 20:52 i should probably take a nap now :| #
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