August 3rd, 2009

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From Twitter 08-02-2009

  • 20:16:17: is watchin Defying Gravity..and doesn't know why. probably cuz it's canadian lol!! and you know how i feel aboot Kanata! :P
  • 20:53:42: this is kinda stupid wtf am i watching urgh
  • 20:55:50: wouldn't that statue freeze up in space?? UNREALISTIC
  • 22:32:01: Megan Wants A Millionaire..why did they give this useless bitch a fucking show? >:( she's such a FAILURE
  • 22:32:53: and of course the ugly old guy gets eliminated. OF COURSE
  • 23:06:42: lol @ this Megan ho getting pwned by Al. TAKE THAT, BITCH!! Garth + The Punisher ftw
  • 23:07:56: ew @ Donald. DNW. but he brought lols so i'm sad he's gone. :/
  • 23:28:21: lol @ Donald "just'll be ok..just dance"....LOL ok

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