August 16th, 2009

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From Twitter 08-15-2009

  • 00:03:12: lol @ the wank this is causing
  • 00:09:29: chatting at #tinychat
  • 03:10:41: @BrookeHogan UNTALENTED BITCH. do some research before misinterpreting Keri's lyrics. the rest of your family sucks, too. did dad feel good?
  • 03:12:36: wow it sure feels good to put down 'celebrities' :] *wipes tear*
  • 03:14:36: #fact Degrassi got lame last season. i stopped watching. :/ the new characters suck. i want the oldies back. siiiighhhhhh smh
  • 03:15:34: #fact Degrassi - sorry i meant..this season? season 6. i don't follow it anymore. sry
  • 03:19:59: Jamie Foxx is well hung. too big for my taste, though. i can feel the pain already looking at the pic (don't ask for the pic, GOOGLE for it)
  • 03:58:27: @Schroeder1174 just the usual crap that happens to me every day. people ignoring me, thinking i'm dumb, etc.
  • 04:26:29: is Leverage gonna have a cocaine related episode called The Blow Job? MAKE IT HAPPEN, TNT!!!
  • 07:53:15: yayyy changed my layout. it's pretty bad ass :D

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